How To Install a New Blogger Template

How to Install Blogger Templates
Today we are talking about How to Upload a New Blogger Template to Blogger. Every new blogger when they make first blog they using the default blogger templates because they don’t know how to upload or install the other blogger template in their blog. I also faced the same problem when I start my blogging career. Just follow the simple steps to upload a new template to blogger blog.
Download your new blogger template from any free blogger template provider website to your computer. Lot of website are providing free blogger template. If the template is contained in a zip file, you have extracted the XML template from zip.

How To Upload / Install a Blogger Template.

  1. Login to your Blogger Account. 
  2. Now click on your blog name. 
  3. Click on "Template" From The Blogger Menu
     4. Now just click on backup / restore button and one box will pop up.

    5. Now browse your XML Template file and click on upload and you have done.

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